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[ Rounding a number to a smaller or bigger size with the same ratio ]

I don't know how to describe it very well (so I can't look it up) but I need help. Lets say I have 100 out of 0 to 200, how do I ratio the number to 0 to 100 so it would be like 50? Simply ratio-ing the number to a smaller or bigger size?

Answer 1

Calculate the ratio between the original maximum and the new maximum:

double k = (double)newMax / (double)oldMax

In your example you would end up with the value 0.5.

Then just multiply the value with the ratio:

double newValue = value * k;

If you want an integer value, round it and convert to integer:

int newValue = (int)Math.Round(value * k);

Answer 2

In general, when the minimum is not necessarily 0 on either the 'old' and 'new scales', the solution is the following:

ratio = ( oldValue - oldMin ) / ( oldMax - oldMin )

newValue = newMin + ( newMax - newMin ) * ratio

Answer 3

double myRatio, maxValue, newValue;
//value retrieval logics.
double result = (myRatio / maxValue) * newMaxValue;

u gotta fill the doubles on the first line in. this is the shortest code I'd say.