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[ Scroll panel programmatically ]

I'm trying to learn more About C#.

I just have a big problem with scrolling a panel.

I have a panel contains many buttons in Windows form, trying to scroll it with Two Button Scroll up and scroll down.

I search in google I found many codes like this one :

CategoryFlowPanel.AutoScrollPosition = 
    new Point(0, CategoryFlowPanel.VerticalScroll.Value +
                 CategoryFlowPanel.VerticalScroll.SmallChange * 7);

I mean something like-

CategoryFlowPanel.AutoScrollPosition = new Point(0, 50);

also I found this :

using (Control c = new Control() { Parent=p, Height = 1, Top = p.ClientSize.Height + pos })

and many other but they are working ONLY IF autoscroll is true

and when autoscroll is true the scroll bars will be visible

so my question is -

Is there code can work without autoscroll?

or is there way to hide the scroll bars when autoscroll is true ?

I'm trying to do

Panel.VerticalScroll.Visible = false;

but its not working.

Sorry for my bad English, and Thanks in advance.

Answer 1

You can scroll WinForms panel without scrollbars being visible by setting HorizontalScroll.Value and VerticalScroll.Value programmatically. This approach works with AutoScroll = false as you need.