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[ SendinBlue VS GetResponse! Which One To Choose? (Full Guide) ]

More than 50% of the world population is using email. That is a total of 3.9 billion people, approximately. Thus, Email marketing is a strong and influential way to connect with your target market. Digital marketers and entrepreneurs now have their tools for marketing. When it comes to Email marketing SendinBlue and GetResponse are two widely used email marketing tools. Both of these tools have made our lives easier in terms of digital marketing. They are not limited to just email marketing. There are many other noticeable features of these tools. But which one is highly recommended? Just read on to find out. The core differences between SendinBlue and GetResponse. SendinBlue and GetResponse are almost the same, but few distinct differences make one better than the other. The core differences are as follows: SendinBlue has an additional SendinBlue messaging service (SMS Marketing), which SendinBlue assists in marketing, whereas; GetResponse has a premier webinar marketing service. SendinBlue offers an unlimited free package, but on the other hand, GetResponse only offers a 30-day free trial. The main vending point of SendinBlue is its transaction emailing tool (SMTP service), and that of GetResponse is its autoresponder and sales funnel. You can pay on SendinBlue as you use it, but GetResponse has a strict monthly payment schedule. GetResponse is as old as 1998, but SendinBlue was launched a few years back in 2012. Knowing that both SendinBlue and GetResponse are not much expensive, but there is more to it. They are the ones that offer a complete package and have all the features you want. Didn’t get my point? Well, to start off with, if you have used SendinBlue, you would know that it is not just a basic mail marketing tool. It is way more than something ordinary. It has SMS marketing, CRM, social media advertisement, and landing pages other than just email marketing. GetResponse has email marketing coupled with webinars, landing pages, CRM, Sales Funnels, and a lot of other features to side with this. Until now, both of them sound good enough. So how would one decide which one is the better one? In this review of SendinBlue vs. GetResponse, you will know the basic things about them, which are their functions, features, prices, reliability, effectiveness, etc. here, you will find more stuff that you usually don’t get to find on their websites or in other reviews. Let’s compare both of them side by side. SendinBlueGetResponseFree AccessUnlimited Plan (300 Emails/Day with Unlimited Contacts)30 Days Free TrialEmail Marketing SMS Marketing Website Chat Autoresponders Email Templates Sales Funnel Webinars Facebook Ads CRM SMTP Service Pay per emails Cold Mailing An Outline of SendinBlue and GetResponse SendinBlue came to the scene in 2012 when all of the other such email marketing tools were already doing well, and we were familiar with all of them, including GetResponse. So in such a case, when SendinBlue came out of the blue, it was a most probable prediction that it would stand no chance. But on the contrary, SendinBlue stood its ground and made its mark among the top email marketing tools within a few years. The thing that led to its success was its amazing services with a lesser budget. This is what the competitors were not able to provide. Now SendinBlue is considered the cheapest and most wide-ranging email automation and marketing. Not only just email marketing, but it also provides SMS marketing, online sessions, advertising through social media, and CRM. Almost 80,000 users across 160 countries have used to this date, and it has been gaining more and more positive reviews and acknowledgments from the users. SendinBlue gets emails from 100 million users every day. Considering all of this, can it outshine GetResponse? One thing that SendinBlue can never get to as compared to GetResponse is age and experience. GetResponse started in 1998, and now it has experience in digital marketing and email automation for more than two decades. It was made by a polish teen boy who wanted to make a lasting impact on online marketing through email marketing. The tagline of GetResponse is the “world’s easiest email marketing software to use.” It has stood by its stance as it has a very easy and simplified user interface. It has simplified autoresponders, sending emails, making lists, online surveys, and newsletters. And that’s not all! GetResponse has made itself a compact marketing solution over the years. It is an amalgamation of CRM and online marketing consisting of email marketing, sales funnels, webinar hosting, and landing pages. It has made great progress over the years. It has 350,000 users all across the world in 182 countries. To add to that, almost 1 billion people subscribe to GetResponse every month! All of the above information seems a lot to outdo. But can SendinBlue outdo it even?