[ Service Design 🤓 ]

Service Design has become something of a hot topic over the past few years, however, does not lend justice to its age. Service Design has existed since early eighties. But what is Service Design? It’s important to realise services are not tangible goods. An interface is not a service. A product is not a service. Service Design it is about the areas, relationships, connections between and across products. Service Design is the activity of planning and organising business’s resources in order to improve its quality and interaction between service provider and customers. Ideal services are considered to be user-friendly and competitive within their market. Principles of Successful Service Design. Keep it simple stupid. If you build a simple service, it’s logical that people spend less time figuring out how it works. If things are built with simplicity in mind, they are easy to understand and this clarity will ultimately make people stick to your product. Simple services will also be easier to build, which means you can adapt faster than your competitors.