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Sir Nikola Tesla secret formula for success. Nikola Tesla was American inventor. He was electrical engineer, and futurist known for his contribution to the modern alternating current electricity supply system. Nikola Tesla was greatest successful person. Nikola Tesla use “369 manifestation technique" for his success. When he entering the building so he take 3 round of building. When he was sitting for the eating so he use 18 napkin for cleaning plate. When they do shopping so they purchased money that divided by 3. But what is the reason that Nikola Tesla do this? Nikola Tesla says the universe secret code is 369. For example, “ the circle is 360°degree.” 360: 3+6 =9.And 360 half is 180. 180: 1+8=9.etc. Nikola Tesla says universe all things calculation is around 369. That was reason that he used 369 manifestation code for his success. Nikola Tesla use 369 manifestation technique for his success. In the morning he wrote thier goal three time and visualise their goal 17 second. In afternoon time he do same things but afternoon they wrote their goal 6 time and then visualise. In night he wrote their goal nine time and then visualise. Doing this technique things are sitting subconscious mind properly. Nikola Tesla when visualise their dream so he visualise his goal with process system and end result. Most people visualise only result don’t process. So that reason they don’t achive success. This was Nikola Tesla success secret 369 manifestation technique.