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  1. How to call accelerator method using IBAction method?

    I want to add a start button which will start the accelerometer, how can I set an IBAction to do that, in my code I use: -(void)accelerometer:(UIAccelerometer *)accelerometer didAccelerate:(UIAcceleration *)acc...Learn More
  2. Android Shake Code

    In my game I want the player to shake his phone, at any point during the game, and every shake will result in switching weapons. Example: Player has knife, [shakes phone] and switches to a katana. if (accelerom...Learn More
  3. suspend image movement using gravity in iPhone

    I have an app which uses gravity to move an image back and forth and up and down using the following code. numberString = [formatter stringFromNumber:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:motion.gravity.x / 16.0 *200]]; nu...Learn More
  4. maximal acceleration of UIAccelerometer

    i want to track how fast my iPhone is moved. i checked the AceelerometerGraph Example App, where the maximum Amount was about 2.0 (in this app) i want to know how exactly i can track the speed of my moving ip...Learn More
  5. Windows Phone 8 Accelerometer

    I'm trying to use the Accelerometer in my application but an error comes up and I have been trying to get around it. I'm not the best programmer but I'm trying to get better. the error is "accelerometer_Current...Learn More
  6. Bluetooth Sends Sensor Data Only once

    So for my research, I have to send accelometer data to an arduino mega as a constant stream. I have the module connected to the arduino via serial. However, when I ran the code, it only runs once. I tried to pl...Learn More
  7. Drawing in air with Android phone

    I am working on an application to draw in the air with an android phone. As my phone is moving, thanks to the acceletometer, i retrieve the acceleration on each axis ax, ay, az. What I am interested in is: x,y...Learn More