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  1. Get item value in arrayadapter

    I want to get the value of the selected item in the spinner. I am using array adapter. <string-array name="my_list"> <item value="">---Select the value from the List---&...Learn More
  2. confusing in using lazyAdapter

    I want to use lazyAdapter in this tutorial : http://www.androidhive.info/2012/02/android-custom-listview-with-image-and-text/ but it is using xmlParser in this tutorial and i want to use JSON, so i am very conf...Learn More
  3. SavePreferences only saving last item in ListView

    I was trying to use Save/Load Preferences to save the User's input through EditView. However, my current code only saves the last string the user inputted. So when i re-enter the app, the only string in the Lis...Learn More
  4. Custom ArrayAdapter for a Spinner: drop down view not working properly

    I created a custom ArrayAdapter for a Spinner. The difference is, that it shows images from an ArrayList of a complex class instead of plain text. It works so far. The Images and the radio buttons are displayed...Learn More
  5. How can a java application running on windows 7 choose which network adapter to use

    Hi I am writing an application for a device -- tablet -- running windows 7. The application is being written in java. The application needs to be aware of which networking adapter is available (WIFI, 3G, etc ...Learn More
  6. Java android BaseAdapter - how do I setText in a TextView at particular position from adapter?

    I probably can't formulate a right search query for google to solve my question. I have a ListView adapter extending BaseAdapter where each position have some views in it. One of them is a TextView by clickin...Learn More
  7. Setting an adapter on my listview

    I'm trying to have my listView as defined in my main.xml display a list of my objects. This worked fine when my activity extended on ListActivity and used getListView(). Now I extend from a normal Activity thou...Learn More
  8. Android: Change Button background in ListView Row with onClick

    My rows contain a button that has its own click listener set in my adapter's getView. I'm able to distinguish between my button clicks and the actual row item clicks using android:descendantFocusability="blocks...Learn More
  9. Adapter for a List displayed inside a Scroll View, non-Scrolling List View?

    In the app I am currently building I have been synchronizing ListViews with unbound Lists of data via BaseAdapter. This has been working so far but now I need to have a list of data inside a ScrollView. The pro...Learn More
  10. Custom ViewPager

    How can i create a customized ViewPager ? To instantiate a page in the ViewPager it's something like this : public Object instantiateItem(View collection, int position) { TextVie...Learn More
  11. How to use spinner in Android in this particular way?

    So, I have an ArrayList that has name and id Gil 232 Asty 2423 and so on. To use it in the spinner, what I did was to create two separate String Arraylists. One containing the names and the other the corresp...Learn More
  12. Android, List items cannot be displayed

    In my fragment I have a list. I want to display data on my list. This is adapter class: @Override public int getCount() { 10; } @Override public Object getItem(int position) { r...Learn More