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  1. ADB push multiple files with the same extension with a single command

    I want to push some files of the same type (.img) to the /sdcard partition of the phone with a single command. But the wildcard does not work: adb push *.img /sdcard/ Is there any way I can achieve that?...Learn More
  2. Android | Extend the ADB to Make App Debugging Easier

    ADB is a useful and powerful tool to interact with an Android app or the whole Android device via the command line. However, ADB is still far away from a debug tool, therefore, usually, in a big app, we have to...Learn More
  3. How to click accept button after taking photo in selenium

    I have used self.driver.keyevent(27) to capture an image in Python with selenium. However, the screen that I get is as shown below. Basically I need to click the accept button (with red border) so that the ima...Learn More
  4. adb recognizes my device but when i open eclipse connection is lost

    I have managed to use my device (Chinese tablet named Pipo S2 running Android Version 4.1.1) with adb. I had to change the adb_usb.ini file in .android folder. Unfortunately, the connection is lost whenever I ...Learn More
  5. How to enable adb after wiping system and installing new kernel?

    I have a Nexus 4. I accidently wiped system and tried to restore it unsuccessfully. I did have adb before I wiped the system. Now I can only get into recovery mode. When I use Nexus root toolkit it recognizes ...Learn More
  6. Connecting android emulator in another machine

    I need to test my android app 24h day and I have 3 ubuntu boxes to do it. I would like to connect my development system (MOTODEV Studio 1.3) to a Remote Device. Well, the interface ask me about ip for machine ...Learn More
  7. ICS 4.0.3 AVD not showing online

    Here I have an application, which is supposed to be run on 4.0.3 AVD (as selected in properties). But as soon as I run the app, it automatically starts in 2.2 AVD. So, I've change the run option from "Run c...Learn More
  8. adb plugin has device but no inspect

    have followed every post to find the solution to this problem. Am using Chrome adb plugin to debug on device, a Samsung Galaxy 3. Inspect can see device but there is no "inspect" hyperlink ????? Device Debugg...Learn More
  9. ADB Not Responding - Wait More or Kill adb or Restart (Ubuntu 13) 64-bit

    After unsuccessfully attempting to make my new Intellij and Android SDK to work on my newly installed Ubuntu 13.10, I am coming to you for help. I know there are thousands of suggestions out there already but n...Learn More
  10. adb wont detects, but cant identify my device

    I am trying to connect eclipse to my device with adb so i can debug the app i wrote on it. No matter what i do seem to get it to display a serial number for the device. ADB detects my phone, but it only shows u...Learn More
  11. Android phone, not longer working as a debugger

    I have a HTC desire as i've been developing on for 1 year. Today i was debuggning, did some changes in the code and tried to run it again but, Eclipse wouldn't regognize my phone. I tried to reconnect the USB c...Learn More
  12. Customize adb prompt

    How can I reduce the length of the path printed before the prompt of the shell opened by adb shell? My problem is that it is so long that I can no longer see my commands because the doesn't break the line autom...Learn More