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  1. Static layers missing when loading a flash generated swf using swf loader in AIR

    We have a Flash game which need to be loaded and played from an AIR app. using the swf loader, the game swf is loaded into the AIR app. But the static background layers of the swf are not appearing in the load...Learn More
  2. Adobe Air and PHP

    i do not fully understand how to communicate between adobe air (using flex3) and php. i do understand that many use AMFPHP and Zend AMF. However, AMFPHP seems to be outdated and Zend AMF (from what i understa...Learn More
  3. flash actionscript access filesystem without air?

    Is there any workaround to allow actionscript3 write to file system without adobe air? The reason is because, in order to use adobe air, each of the web visitors will need to install add-on air run-time and t...Learn More
  4. Access asset / resource file in an ActionScript Library project

    I'm using an ActionScript Library project to share code and assets / resources between a Mobile and a Desktop ActionScript projects. The library project has been added to the two other projects via the 'Add Pro...Learn More
  5. Android AIR screen dimmed

    I have such a problem. I am writing Adobe AIR application for Android device. And I need to make device screen not to be dimmed. I'm making it with SystemIdleMode.KEEP_AWAKE this function for a minute-to five....Learn More
  6. Adobe Air: how to use f2, f3, f4 in keyEquivalent when making menu

    i need 1 help i have a trouble while making menu in adobe air i want to use f2, f3, f4 shortcut, but when i use keyEquivalent = 'f2' property it showing in the menu but not working. when i press f2 it does not...Learn More
  7. save image in a directory in applicationStorageDirectory

    I was trying to save an imagefile to a directory in applicationStorageDirectory of my air project. Created the directory first var imageDirectory:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("vispics");...Learn More
  8. How can I determined if I'm within an AIR app through Actionscript?

    I'm seeking a method that tells me whether my code is running inside an AIR app or not. Something a lot less tacky than polling an AIR-only method. So far, searching the docs has been unfruitful. Anyone know of...Learn More
  9. How can i send a String from AS3 to a PHP file so it can be use to do a database query

    Im building this AIR app on Flash CS5, and i have this TileList that loads its data (images and names) from a database. I want to do a query with the name any item of the Tilelist when its clicked, so i need t...Learn More
  10. NotificationType.CRITICAL needs only to only fire when file loaded is a new file

    I have an Adobe Air desktop message board App built in Flash cs5, it loads an external ".txt" file in a dynamic text field and checks for a new file every 2 minutes. I need it to notify user with (NotificationT...Learn More
  11. Can I "embed" a Python back-end in an AIR application?

    I'm trying to find out if there is a way I could embed a Python back-end into an AIR application? I'm looking to employ an approach similar to the one outlined here to implement the business logic for my appli...Learn More
  12. Reading Browser favorites (links) from an Adobe AIR application

    Is it possible to get read access to favorited sites (that have been set using Android's native browser) from within an AIR-application? I could not find an API for this. Furthermore, I didn't find anything abo...Learn More