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  1. Choosing gems to work with AWS

    Suppose a service written with RoR starts to use AWS S3 to store some data. What is the best library to use for working with AWS S3? Currently the main two alternatives for me are: RightScale AWS Ruby gems ht...Learn More
  2. How to use Alias as well as Redirect together on same url

    I have two projects on same IP. I want /www/site/fortis/ served by /projects/fortis and /www/site/myfood/ served by /projects/myfood, but I am not using DocumentRoot. My code is: Alias /myfood /opt/bitnami/proj...Learn More
  3. SSL slowness in EC2

    We've deployed our rails app to EC2. In our setup, we have two proxies on small instances behind round-robin DNS. These run nginx load balancers for a dynamically growing and shrinking farm of web servers. E...Learn More
  4. Import external libraries in an Hadoop MapReduce script

    I am running a python MapReduce script on top of Amazons EMR Hadoop implementation. As a result from the main scripts, I get item item similiarities. In an aftercare step, I want to split this output into a sep...Learn More
  5. Using MongoLab Database service vs Custom web service with MongoDB running on AWS

    I am looking for feasible solutions for my Application to be backed with MongoDB. I am looking to host the MongoDB on the cloud with a python based server to interact with the DB and my app (either mobile/web)....Learn More
  6. how to 'load data infile' on amazon RDS?

    not sure if this is a question better suited for serverfault but I've been messing with amazon RDS lately and was having trouble getting 'file' privileges to my web host mysql user. I'd assume that a simple: gr...Learn More
  7. Using Amazon's API to find a product's UPC (Python)

    I've been trying to create a python script that uses a product's ASIN to return (via Amazon's API) its UPC. The module I've attempted to use thusfar is python-amazon-product-api (http://packages.python.org/pyth...Learn More
  8. How to get the list of price offers on an item from Amazon with python-amazon-product-api item_lookup function?

    I am trying to write a function to get a list of offers (their prices) for an item based on the ASIN: def price_offers(asin): from amazonproduct import API, ResultPaginator, AWSError from config import ...Learn More
  9. How do I generate a temporary token for someone to post to my S3 account?

    http://boto.s3.amazonaws.com/s3_tut.html#setting-getting-the-access-control-list-for-buckets-and-keys I'm using boto. My friend says it's possible to just generate a temporary (expires in 5 min?) token so his...Learn More
  10. Are all clouds (such as AWS) still too "public" for internal corporate use?

    We use AWS as a sort of developer playground --- turning on a server to test app deployment, and execution with a variety of non production data, and then turning it off again. We also use AWS as a host for ou...Learn More
  11. Which Ubuntu images for AWS: Hammond's or Canonical's?

    I've used AWS and various forms of Linux over the past few years, but am wondering if anyone has any experience using Canonical's AWS Ubuntu images and can compare them to Hammond's. Hammond's images are very ...Learn More
  12. What to chose for my next project with Amazon Web Services (Linux)? Ruby/Python/other, MySQL/PostgreSQL/other

    I will soon start a new project with Amazon Web Services, on Linux They have frameworks available for PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and .Net http://aws.amazon.com/ruby/ http://aws.amazon.com/python/ I am fluent in ...Learn More