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  1. Sending POST JSON Requests With Axios

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction Axios is a promise-based HTTP client library that makes it simple to send asynchronous HTTP requests (such as POST, GET, and DELETE) to REST endpoints, main...Learn More
  2. Guide to Getting Started with Next.js - Create a Next.js App

    Introduction Next.js is an open-source JavaScript framework created by Vercel to enhance React applications with features such as Server-Side Rendering and Static Site Generation. Traditionally, React is used t...Learn More
  3. Creating a REST API with Django REST Framework

    Introduction REST APIs are an industry-standard way for web services to send and receive data. They use HTTP request methods to facilitate the request-response cycle and typically transfer data using JSON, and ...Learn More
  4. Guide to Creating a Discord Bot in JavaScript with Discord.js v13

    Introduction Communicating online and staying in touch with people all over the globe has been a major promise from the dawn of the internet - a web of communication and information. Fairly early on, applicatio...Learn More
  5. Redis Queues & Redis Queue Dashboards for Python API Development

    Introduction The in-memory data store - Redis is extensively used by developers as a database, cache layer, to manage job queues, and more. It comes in handy when you are building APIs with a job queue mechanis...Learn More
  6. Guide to Unit Testing Spring Boot REST APIs

    Introduction Testing the system is an important phase in a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Testing promotes code reliability, robustness, and ensures high-quality software delivered to clients if implem...Learn More
  7. Accessing the Twitter API with Python

    Introduction One thing that Python developers enjoy is surely the huge number of resources developed by its big community. Python-built application programming interfaces (APIs) are a common thing for web sites...Learn More
  8. How to Copy to Clipboard in JavaScript with the Clipboard API

    Introduction The copy/paste feature is without a doubt one of the most commonly used features in modern computing, and it refers to the process of copying/transferring text or images from one part of a computer...Learn More
  9. Axios Multipart Form Data - Sending File Through a Form with JavaScript

    Introduction Multipart/Form-Data is one of the encoding types that allows files to be included in your form data before it's transferred to the server for processing. Other encoding types can be used to achieve...Learn More
  10. Creating a REST API in Python with Django

    Creating a REST API in Python with Django Introduction Django is a powerful Python Web Framework used to build secure, scalable web applications rapidly with fewer efforts. It became popular because of its low ...Learn More
  11. Building a GraphQL API with Django

    Building a GraphQL API with Django Introduction Web APIs are the engines that power most of our applications today. For many years REST has been the dominant architecture for APIs, but in this article we will e...Learn More
  12. Java REST API Documentation with Swagger2

    Java REST API Documentation with Swagger2 Introduction In this article, we'll dive into the Swagger framework. We'll use Swagger2 to design, build, and document a Spring Boot RESTful API and Swagger UI to obser...Learn More
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