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  1. Problem with feedparser entry decoding

    I have the following atom doc, which I'm attempting to parse. However, when I do the following: parsed = feedparser.parse(doc) entries = [a[content][0]['value'].encode('utf-8') for a in parsed] j = [json.loads(...Learn More
  2. Python Markdown Notebook in Atom

    I am trying to deploy the environments for python markdown notebook in Atom, so that you can compile your python script (*.pmd) into a pdf file. This configuration is tailored for markdown lovers and R users, w...Learn More
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  3. Retrieving raw XML for items with feedparser

    I'm trying to use feedparser to retrieve some specific information from feeds, but also retrieve the raw XML of each entry (ie. elements for RSS and for Atom), and I can't see how to do that. Obviously I coul...Learn More