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  1. PVS-Studio – Static Code Analyzer for C, C++, C# and Java

    **PVS-Studio – Static Code Analyzer for C, C++, C# and Java** What’s the one most required thing while writing a C or C++ or for that matter any other computer program? Yes it’s the compiler, how else your mach...Learn More
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  2. C# Local Database – How to Connect and Use Local Database (Sql Server)

    **C# Local Database – How to Connect and Use Local Database (Sql Server)** A local database is very essential for developing small scale C# applications, because it doesn’t requires a server to store the dat...Learn More
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  3. C# Analog Clock Program

    C# Analog Clock Program In this tutorial we are going to use a bit of graphics class to design a C# analog clock. We have also used a timer to continuously move our clock’s pointer.        ...Learn More
  4. How to create a LongListSelector control programmatically

    This is yet another LongListSelector question.. I need to have some selectors with this style and add different bindings to them: <phone:LongListSelector x:Name="ListSelector"> <phone:L...Learn More
  5. c# how to create a teleprompter like application in winforms?

    im developing a c# winforms application. i cant find a solution to this probably because im new. i need to create a teleprompter like text that scrolls from bottom and goes up in a loop. is there any simple so...Learn More
  6. User.IsInRole with Active Directory authentication

    I want to find out how the User.IsInRole function works with Windows Authentication. Does it only put them in one role, or is it somehow hierarchical? For example I have a domain group called "GroupB" and this...Learn More
  7. Where does the saved file go in WP7 when used IsolatedStorageFileStream

    I am trying to write some text file into isolated storage in WP7 through silverlight code. I want to somehow retrieve the file later and save onto PC. How do I see and get it? Is there some kind of file explore...Learn More
  8. Creating POS software with C# for POSTEK G-2108 printer

    My client want my program (a database reader program) to print all the data (in the program) to be a label in a paper roll. They want the program can print with their printer (a barcode printer POSTEK g-2108) ...Learn More
  9. How do I create a blank PDF signature field using an HTML input document or after exporting to PDF using ABCPDF?

    I have a source HTML document generated from an ASPX. I then convert the html to PDF using ABCPDF. The html has a signature area, which is just a text box with a border. I need a signature field inside the PDF ...Learn More
  10. Cross Threading issue with C# ProgressBar

    I'm creating a countdown timer that allows the user to choose a valid time, and once the countdown reaches zero, it plays a sound. I've instantiated a timer from the System.Timers namespace and set its Interval...Learn More
  11. What is the structure of IQueryable?

    using (var nosql = new DbHelper("Feed")) { var watch = Stopwatch.StartNew(); nosql.CollectionName = "rawhi"; var x = nosql.GetRecords<Event>(p => true, 0, 1000000); //GridV...Learn More
  12. Read stream that is modified from outside

    I would like to read from a file that can be modified by someone else. Can I easily open a read stream and use a FileSystemWatcher to re-read the stream every time it is modified? Or do I have to re-open the st...Learn More