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  1. Introduction to the Python Calendar Module

    Introduction to the Python Calendar Module Introduction Python has an built-in module named Calendar that contains useful classes and functions to support a variety of calendar operations. By default, the Calen...Learn More
  2. Hebrew calendar in python

    I have to work with Jewish Calendar in Python. I want to know if there is a Jewish Calendar in Python or if there is import in python Hope for answers...Learn More
  3. CJuiDialog pop up problems

    I want to start out with, that im a noob to AJAX, jquery and that kinda stuff. But im currently working on a project, where i have a calender, where a substitute can specify if he is available a given day and t...Learn More
  4. Calendar Class arithmetic anomaly

    cal.set(Calendar.MONTH,-6); gave me a date of one and a half years back when run on 3 Dec 2012. It gave the date 2 July 2011. Please can anyone tell me what happened? ...Learn More
  5. BlackBerry calendar event list returned by PIM sometimes is empty

    This problem is related to PIM package on BlackBerry SDK. I need to update calendar events on the device after synchronization is done. To check if new event is really new I do this call: EventList eventList =...Learn More
  6. How to add an entry in the Android Calendar from an html5 mobile web page?

    I am looking for an example or documentation on how to create a hyperlink to the Android Calendar app's Add Event screen. For example, in the same way that one can create a call hyperlink with: <a href="...Learn More
  7. A strange behavior from java.util.Calendar on February

    I faced with a strange behavior from java.util.Calendar: import static org.junit.Assert.*; import org.junit.Test; import java.util.Calendar; public class Tester1 { @Test public void test_monthOfDate()...Learn More
  8. Retrieve current Outlook appointment

    I'm writing a program that checks outlook for appointments, and basically I just need the current appointment - and if no current appointment then just the next or even previous appointment. I figure to do this...Learn More
  9. Fullcalendar (full calendar) Not defaulting to display the current today's date. Month shows february and not today's

    I am trying to get the calendar to invoke the today function or to set the date to the current date. When the calendar first loads it shows the calendar month to be february. There is a button you can click cal...Learn More
  10. Creating an 'all day' event using google calendar api in python

    I am using google calendars api to add events to a google calendar from another website. I am running into a problem though when I attempt to create an all-day type of event. I can easily add a datetime.timed...Learn More
  11. How To Override WordPress Plugin Displays

    This seems like a simple question, but has proven to be difficult to find information for. I'm working with some WordPress plugins that have a terrible output - specifically, The Events Calendar 1.6.5. This p...Learn More
  12. How to convert month to other duration measurement types?

    For some duration-related calculations I need to convert values measured in "months" to other formats, such as years, days, or hours. For example, what is the proper way to measure a month in terms of days? i...Learn More