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  1. Example: REST Service with Apache Camel

    Example: REST Service with Apache Camel With the extreme prevalence of mobile apps, web apps, and desktop apps, REST services are more important than ever to provide data to it's users. This data could be used ...Learn More
  2. How to use PGP in Camel Routes

    How to use PGP in Camel Routes Apache Camel is a powerful enterprise routing framework that can be used to send information any which way, with just about any protocol you'd want to use. And it's no secret how ...Learn More
  3. Example: Apache Camel with Blueprint

    Example: Apache Camel with Blueprint Here we present a fully-working Apache Camel Blueprint project. It provides example code for building routes, creating beans, and deploying to ServiceMix with Blueprint. Blu...Learn More
  4. Apache Camel CXF: add TlsClientParameters programmatically

    I am using Apache Camel CXF as producer to call a SOAP Webservice. I do not use Spring configuration but do everything programmatically (I am a beginner and wanted to prevent having to learn both Spring and Apa...Learn More
  5. Let Camel handle various URI types

    I would like to write a Camel Route that gets in a URI (can be http, ftp, file, ...) and then fetches the data and stores it locally in a file. This URI-String could be, for example: "ftp://localhost/example....Learn More
  6. How can I integrate my own XA transaction manager with Apache Camel?

    I'm trying to create a router to integrate a number of JMS topics & Queues. I am constrained by the fact the client I am working for can't change the JMS implementation (TibCo EMS with some custom client li...Learn More