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  1. Datastax cassandra-driver (python) failed import

    When importing datastax cassandra-driver(python) get the following error Error File "cassandra.py", line 1, in <module> from cassandra.cluster import Cluster File "/home/vagrant/cassandra.py",...Learn More
  2. Cassandra Key Cache empty

    I'm new to Cassandra and I'm trying to optimize my reads (write time is fine, about 1000 rows per .1 seconds) and I'm been reading up on the Key cache and Row cache. Using Java w/ the Hector library to insert t...Learn More
  3. Python cql library not able to update a boolean column using query substitution

    Intro I'm using the python cql library library to access a Cassandra 1.2 database (CQL 3.0). My table contains a boolean column as follows: CREATE TABLE test ( id text, value boolean, ...Learn More
  4. Cassandra Django database backend support

    Are there any drivers or libraries that support using cassandra as a database backend in django(clean integration in the settings.py)? Ideally witch cql support as it seems other methods may become deprecated ...Learn More
  5. Is there an Objective-C client for Cassandra?

    I want to access a Cassandra instance in an Iphone application and i need an objectiveC client for that. I couldnt find one, Thrift is supposed to support ObjectiveC but I couldnt figure out how to do that. If...Learn More
  6. Py4JJavaError when connecting to Cassandra from Spark

    How can I connect to Cassandra from Spark with iPython? I have followed the code from here and modified it, import os import sys # Path for spark source folder os.environ['SPARK_HOME'] = "C:\Apache\spark-1.4....Learn More
  7. Is SSTables or Hfiles merged above 1TB?

    In major compaction merge all sstables from region server (Hbase) and all SSTables form tablet server (Cassandra) into big one. If period comes is meany SSTables (total space above 1TB) merged into one? Maby ...Learn More
  8. Storing an object in cassandra

    is it possible to store object and data structures within cassandra column families? For example: object Person { string name; string email; Address address; } As you can see Person object has Address o...Learn More
  9. Updating only TTL in cassandra

    When running model.update(args, kwargs) in python, if the data is not different it doesn't actually make any changes, correct? If so, does it update the TTL? If not, how can we make it so it will reset the TTL?...Learn More
  10. Pig Cassandra cluster ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.cassandra.hadoop.ColumnFamilySplit

    I am trying to run Cassandra-0.8.5, Hadoop 0.2.0 and Pig 0.8.1. I run a very simple pig scripts as rows = LOAD 'cassandra://pygmalion/$CF' USING CassandraStorage() AS (key, columns: bag {T: tuple(name, value)}...Learn More
  11. Spark cassandra connector in Python

    I need to connect my standalone Spark to my Cassandra instance in python. I have downloaded Apache spark from the Apache website, extracted and built it as such: tar -xvf spark-1.4.1.tgz sbt/sbt assembly I ad...Learn More
  12. Cassandra - SSTable Readpth & Write Path

    Hello Cassandra specialists!!! How will go about analyzing Read path and Write path for Cassandra? Basically, I would like to know what is read path and write path measurements and if i give some sample row ke...Learn More