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  1. Build a Web-Scraped API with Express and Cheerio

    Build a Web-Scraped API with Express and Cheerio The outgrowth of the world wide web over the last couple of decades has led to an enormous amount of data being collected and plastered onto webpages throughout ...Learn More
  2. Navigation html with Cheerio web page scraper

    I'm following this tutorial how to screen scrape with cheerio for Node.js and I'm 2-seconds away from just downloading the entire page and using Javascript to extract the information I need, which I'm sure is m...Learn More
  3. how to result the contents of a javascript variable using cheerio (jquery like selectors, but no dom)

    There is a large html file with many javascript tags in it. I'm trying to scoop out the contents of that variable. The variable name stays the same but the contents change on every request. examplefile.html &am...Learn More
  4. something wrong with my nodejs script

    can u help me with a tip :D. Here is my code: const request = require('request'); const cheerio = require('cheerio'); function getUrls(url) { const baseUrl = 'https://unsplash.com'; let urls = []; ...Learn More