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  1. Starting with your college life— This is what you need to know

    We all have dreamt of our college life, so here’s something on how you can make your college life interesting. Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash Starting with a university is always something we look unto a...Learn More
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  2. Hafizhah/Mathematics’19/Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences/Basudewa

    Hafizhah/Mathematics’19/Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences/Basudewa “Imagination as a Capital of National Movement in Earning a Dazzling Indonesia” A nation can be able to call an intact formation as should n...Learn More
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  3. Younger Days: Santa Cruz & Berkeley Housemates

    Me in the late 1970's Santa Cruz Housemates After my freshman year in the dorms at U.C. Santa Cruz (see Younger Days, Leaving Home), I felt giddy about living off campus. I found a room downtown in a small ap...Learn More
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  4. Reflection of a First Semester Transfer Student

    Academic But for me, it’s definitely been quite the semester. Things that have definitely been draining for me has definitely been class structure at times. With the first week, I was rather intimidated as I h...Learn More
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