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  1. Losing selected text from contenteditable on clicking div with css user-select: none;

    I'm developing a JavaScript rich text editor. Instead of buttons, I'm using div with css property user-select: none. This works fine in Firefox but problem is with Google Chrome. When I click on div with css us...Learn More
  2. contenteditable nested browser differences

    From what I read, there are quite a few browser differences in how contenteditable elements are handled. (i.e. link). When a 'contenteditable=true' element contains a 'contenteditable=false' element, the 'conte...Learn More
  3. Autolink URL in ContentEditable Iframe

    I have a content editable Iframe I want to autolink it, like : My content editable Iframe look like i tried using regular expression in this Question i asked before. The function that i use in this questio...Learn More