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  1. Customizing a TabControl for the Closing of Individual Tabs

    My scenario is the following: I am working on a winforms application in C# that has a button inside the main page of a tabcontrol that will generate another tabpage each time that it is clicked. Each new tabpa...Learn More
  2. ListBox Focused Item

    this is a WinForms question. In a ListBox with SelectionMode = MultiSimple, how can I get the currently focused item? Note, I don't want to get the SelectedItem or SelectedItems, but the item which currently ...Learn More
  3. PHP - Javascript Controls

    I'm currently developing (another) Open Source CMS in PHP and I'd like to use javascript controls especially for the admin panel. The question is, are there any open-source, freely distributable controls (for c...Learn More
  4. Overriding Controls Collection on WebControl

    I am trying to override the Controls collection of a control that inheirts from WebControl so that when a user adds controls to the webcontrol I can put buttons before and after it and kind of put it in its own...Learn More
  5. DevExpress vs infragistics Suites - looking to possibly switch

    We are currently an Infragistics NetAdvantage Select customer and have been for a few years. Their controls are ok but not what I would call great but the time invested in learning them to date is the main rea...Learn More
  6. Silverlight Verticle Slide Panel

    Can anyone recommend a good Silverlight 2.0 slide panel that takes an unknown number of user controls as childen and allows the user to scroll up and down through the child list. Similar to http://www.thejames...Learn More
  7. JavaScript range slider / dual slider exist withOUT using a framework

    I'm looking for a JavaScript control that is a Range Slider (dual knob) that: does NOT use an existing JS framework (e.g. dojo, jquery, etc) - unless you can roll/create your own sub framework where I can com...Learn More
  8. In Windows, how can I enumerate and get text from another window's controls?

    More particularly - I have a window handle of another running application. This application contains a TListControl.UnicodeClass control somewhere (I know this from Winspector). How can I, using the Windows API...Learn More
  9. Windows .Net controls - Creating property templates

    Assume that all text box controls in my .Net Windows application created by dragging a TextBox control onto the Form editor should have the following default properties (some text box instances can override the...Learn More
  10. Web in a desktop application: Good web browser controls?

    I've been utlising a "web browser control" in desktop based applications (in my case Windows Forms .NET) for a number of years. I mostly use it to create a familiar flow-based user interface that also allows a...Learn More
  11. A wxPython timeline widget

    I am looking for a certain wxPython widget to use in my program. I hope that something like this exists and that you might know where to find. I will try to describe the functionality I'm looking for: Imagine ...Learn More
  12. Component Vs Control

    In the world of WinForms .Net controls What is the difference between Component and Control? Can a Control contain Components ? Can a Component contain Controls ? ...Learn More