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  1. We are the mapmakers and wayfinders for a world with a future

    COMPROMISE, CONTAMINATION, CORRUPTION There comes multiple points in time in everyones life where we are offered choice. The first choice is easier. It might bring you towards your desires faster, with more c...Learn More
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  2. Is new HSQLDB susceptible to data corruption?

    I want to use embedded HSQLDB file-based tables in my production system, but I heard that it had some issues with data corruption before. So my question is - are new versions of it (2.2.8) vulnerable to data co...Learn More
  3. “The Bets have Corrupted the Soccer”

    Carlos Aranda, supposed ringleader of the plot of match-fixing, declared before the Judge of Huesca that the bets are the ones that have corrupted the world of football. He explains to the instructor what happe...Learn More
  4. Enough Death Sentences To Go Round By Akinleye Segun — an24.net

    The Senate, this week, achieved the seemingly difficult task of uniting Nigerians when it proposed a bill seeking the death penalty for hate speech offenders. People from all walks of life, proletariats and bou...Learn More
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  5. Book review: Joe Khamisi’s ‘Looters and Grabbers: 54 Years of Corruption and Plunder by the Elite, 1963–2017

    Book review: Joe Khamisi’s ‘Looters and Grabbers: 54 Years of Corruption and Plunder by the Elite, 1963–2017 Khamisi’s book was itself looted and grabbed, with pdf copies circulating on websites and messaging ...Learn More
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  6. #OpenOilLicense : PIGB. An open oil license award process…

    An open oil license award process reduces the influence of politicians and lobbyists in the award process. This is important because at the moment, the oil licensing process can be easily compromised by these g...Learn More
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  7. Minister of Finance in Qatar arrested for Funding terrorism

    Minister of Finance in Qatar arrested for Funding terrorism Martizaabdel May 7·1 min read Qatar’s Attorney General has ordered the arrest of Finance Minister Ali Shareef al Emadi as part of an investigation in...Learn More
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  8. Are our leaders serious?

    Many human rights violations stem from the state and legislative levels. More often than not Governments engage in practices that infringe on Human rights by allowing all issues to be leveraged politically. Thi...Learn More
  9. Keeping corruption on the global agenda

    Theresa May and Shinzo Abe at previous G20 Summit (Flickr) As the G20 leaders gather in Japan, GSK’s Nick Hirons and Robert Barrington of Transparency International UK ask what priority will be given to the ch...Learn More
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  10. How Higher Education has been ruined in India?

    “Ensuring Quality Higher Education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations.” -Ron Lewis What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Education’? According to me, it is a necessi...Learn More