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  1. Handling CORS with Node.js

    Handling CORS with Node.js Introduction In this article, we are going to take a look at what CORS is, how you can configure CORS with Express, and how to customize the CORS middleware to your needs. What is COR...Learn More
  2. Specify URLS for CORS in Django app on Heroku

    I have an app in Heroku running with Django. Now I'm starting to develop a Phonegap app that I want to make work with my Heroku app. I can't make it work because of CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) protecti...Learn More
  3. Unable to make CORS POST request in javascript to java web service(jersey)?

    I am implementing Cross Resource Origin Sharing in Java Web services using Jersey.I created resource as followes: @POST @Path("/getSubjects") @Consumes(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) @Produces(MediaTyp...Learn More
  4. AngularJS HTTP POST No Access-Control-Allow-Origin CORS

    I'm building an app using Cordova and AngularJS. I have backend api running on heroku. I want to make a POST request to the api and send JSON data to it. I have set the following headers on my server: Access-Co...Learn More
  5. Annotating resource to produce JSON, but return "text/plain" in response header

    I am currently implementing a web API Spring Jersey com.thetransactioncompany.cors http://software.dzhuvinov.com/cors-filter.html The output (if any) will be JSON, so all my classes are annotated with the exp...Learn More
  6. Backbone + jQuery + Tornado: OPTIONS request "Load canceled"

    I am using Backbone and jQuery on the front and have an API using Python/Tornado. Because my API is at http://api.domain.com and the site is at http://domain.com when I try to save a Backbone model it does an O...Learn More
  7. ASP MVC 3 cookie losing HttpOnly and Secure flags

    I am setting cookies as part of my mvc application: var cookie = new HttpCookie(CookieName, encryptedData) { Path = FormsAuthentication.FormsCookiePath, Domain = Cook...Learn More
  8. What is CORS ? Why does it happen ? How to solve for it ?

    What is CORS ? Why does it happen ? How to solve for it ? If you have ever built a web based project, then I am sure you have come across the very annoying “CORS error” at some point. In this post I will try t...Learn More
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  9. How to avoid Cross-Origin Resource Sharing error when hitting a Django API from another server process?

    I am building a WebApp that has two separate components: A "frontend" node.js application server (running on localhost:3099) that web-visitors will visit A "backend" Django server (running on localhost:3098) ...Learn More
  10. Serving Angular JS HTML templates from S3 and CloudFront - CORS problems

    I'm having a doozy of a time trying to serve static HTML templates from Amazon CloudFront. I can perform a jQuery.get on Firefox for my HTML hosted on S3 just fine. The same thing for CloudFront returns an OP...Learn More
  11. CORS in App Engine application (python)

    I'm trying to do x-domain request between 2 applications in app engine. In one hand, i have my API and in the other hand i have my "client application". I have been reading so much about CORS; i think i know ho...Learn More
  12. Internet Explorer 10 is ignoring XMLHttpRequest 'xhr.withCredentials = true'

    I’m currently having an issue with a cross-domain ajax call using IE10 (in IE10 mode, not compatibility). Situation: I have two domains, http://a and http://b. I have a cookie set for http://b. I am currently o...Learn More