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  1. How Big Data is Helping in Big COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

    Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash Health and technology are inseparable; technology enables easy accessibility to health, while significant breakthroughs in science and health are considered the core reason why ...Learn More
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  2. I Thought I Had Coronavirus, But it Was Really a Panic Attack

    My daughter and I were at the clinic first thing in the morning, getting tested for COVID-19. I felt much better than the night before, when I was afraid I was going to die, when I couldn’t speak without gaspin...Learn More
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  3. I’m Not Really Keen On Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine. Here’s Why.

    What a vaccine does contain According to the World Health Organization, Vaccines contain weakened or inactive parts of a particular organism (antigen) that triggers an immune response within the body. Newer v...Learn More
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  4. yes, this is an apocalypse — but it’s not what you think.

    a few weeks ago, a few friends of mine were sitting in our apartment discussing the news around COVID-19 — at the time, in the American mainstream, the issue was still a mere rumbling, a trickle of ominous but ...Learn More
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  5. Scammers Are Targeting COVID-19 Contact Tracing Efforts

    The Vast Majority of Contact Tracing Takes Place on the Phone You should immediately be suspicious of contact tracing outreach that takes place via email or text message. The vast majority of contact tracing e...Learn More
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  6. How the CRISPR- technology can help set up a faster and cheaper COVID-19 testing strategy

    The year 2020 witnessed a pandemic, crashing economies, depressing lockdowns, loss in all forms and figures, hospitals and healthcare centers stacked with the diseased and their helpless loved ones, unsung hero...Learn More
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  7. You’re Not Writing Enough… And That’s Okay Right Now

    It’s Day… Whatever of Lockdown. Everywhere around me people are reaching outside of their comfort zones, trying to adjust to the New Normal. Going above and beyond to try and stay healthy and connected during t...Learn More
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  8. Covid-19 Interactive Visualization

    Visualizing covid-19 data to understand the impact it had on the American population. The novel corona virus has caused more than 200000 deaths worldwide. In this post i’m going to walk you through how to bui...Learn More
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  9. Meet Angela Friedman the invincible 102 year old from New York.

    Image by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash Meet Angela Friedman the invincible 102 year old from New York. She's beat Covid-19 twice, and she lived through the flu of 1918 as a baby. Joanne Merola, Angela’s daughter, ...Learn More
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  10. Your Genes May Determine Your Covid-19 Risk

    In the early throes of the coronavirus pandemic, two brothers in the Netherlands fell sick with Covid-19. They were young — 29 and 32 — and previously healthy. But both brothers developed severe symptoms and, a...Learn More
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  11. ‘Gaslighted by the Medical System’: The Covid-19 Patients Left Behind

    Even in normal times, persistent mysterious symptoms, combined with an uncertain diagnosis, can be a recipe for stigma — but the pandemic may be worsening this phenomenon. In a study published on July 25 that h...Learn More
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  12. IBM-Oxford Team Uses Supercomputers to Design New Drugs Against COVID-19

    By Katia Moskvitch With the second wave of COVID-19 gaining strength, researchers are in a race against time to find a treatment or a vaccine. One international team of scientists from IBM Research and Oxford...Learn More
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