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  1. Parameterized queries with the Python Cassandra Module

    I've been experimenting with the CQL plugin for Python (http://code.google.com/a/apache-extras.org/p/cassandra-dbapi2/) which has support for parameterized queries. From their documentation: import cql connec...Learn More
  2. Connection reset by peer exception when creating keyspace in Cassandra 2.1.0 cluster

    I have a 3 node cassandra 2.1.0 cluster and I am trying to create a keyspace via Java unit test using datastax 2.1.4 java driver. But I see the following error in Cassandra system.log file randomly when I try t...Learn More
  3. Does cql support python 3?

    Does cql has support python3? I tried to install with pip but it failed. rabit@localhost:/usr/bin> pip-3.3 install cql ^CDownloading/unpacking cql Operation cancelled by user Storing complete log in /ho...Learn More
  4. Cassandra: how to get total table size / estimate row count

    Intro I'm trying to gather some stats from a Cassandra 1.2.6 cluster to implement a web service to provide those stats to a web app. I'm accessing the cluster from Python using the cql library, but I can ssh o...Learn More
  5. Cassandra querying for latest data on multiple rows

    I am cassandra newbie. I am collecting system status every 5 mins so I created this table, create table sysportal (hostname text, logged_date text, logged_time timestamp, service text, plugin_output text, sta...Learn More
  6. Cassandra COPY TO with timestamp

    My goal is to move rows from one Cassandra 2.0 table to another with different primary key. To ensure data consistency I will need to insert them with original timestamps (USING TIMESTAMP). I planed to use COPY...Learn More
  7. Query results not ordered despite WITH CLUSTERING ORDER BY

    I am storing posts from all users in table. I want to retrieve post from all users the user is following. CREATE TABLE posts ( userid int, time timestamp, id uuid, content text, PRIMARY KEY (userid, t...Learn More
  8. Cassandra Django database backend support

    Are there any drivers or libraries that support using cassandra as a database backend in django(clean integration in the settings.py)? Ideally witch cql support as it seems other methods may become deprecated ...Learn More
  9. Cassandra 2.1 CQL error creating table with tuple: no viable alternative at input '>'

    It's probably something really stupid... but I can't create a table with the new tuple type: cqlsh:ta> CREATE TABLE tuple_test (k int PRIMARY KEY, v frozen <tuple<int, int>> )...Learn More
  10. Python cql library not able to update a boolean column using query substitution

    Intro I'm using the python cql library library to access a Cassandra 1.2 database (CQL 3.0). My table contains a boolean column as follows: CREATE TABLE test ( id text, value boolean, ...Learn More
  11. Cassandra Performance SELECT by id or SELECT by nothing

    I am wondering if C*s SELECT speed depends on how we select whole finite tables. For example we have this table id | value A | x A | xx B | xx C | xxx B | xx Would it be faster to get all the results if w...Learn More
  12. Cassandra modeling with a read/unread status for a message inbox, CQL

    I'm trying to find the best data model for a message box application. That messages appear in order in which first the ‘unread’ appear and then as the user scrolls the ‘read’ messages will appear. In both of t...Learn More