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  1. jQuery Pugin or CSS3

    Once you’ve taken the leap to start using the jQuery library (or another JS library of your choice) for many “simple” tasks you are faced with the dilemma of 3 development approaches: use the CSS3 use a mixt...Learn More
  2. How do I get a translucent background with opaque text?

    I'm trying this method, I just put 2 divs, I style the first adding the background and making it translucent and I style the first to make it opaque: This is the code: <div id="container"> &am...Learn More
  3. flow 2 columns of text automatically with CSS

    I have the code similar to the following: <p>This is paragraph 1. Lorem ipsum ... </p> <p>This is paragraph 2. Lorem ipsum ... </p> <p>This ...Learn More
  4. What's new for developers in Mobile Safari iOS 4.2

    Does anyone know what the changes are to Safari in the iPad OS update coming in November, from a web application development standpoint? Is there any expanded support for hardware acceleration, any changes to ...Learn More
  5. how to color scrollbar in mozilla?

    Am capable of chaging the color of scrollbar in webkit browser like chrome and safari. But in order to color it in mozilla I dont have any stuffs. Can you tell me any ideas of how to color without javascript? P...Learn More
  6. How to give transparent hexagon angle at the last <li> only?

    I have to make menu like this. Items of drop-down can be increased and decreased If client will add or remove pages. width of drop-down's will depend on how many character in page title name. angle only need...Learn More
  7. Selecting first td in the first table with CSS 3

    Say for example I have: &lt;div id="container"&gt; &lt;table&gt; &lt;tr&gt; &lt;td&gt;&lt;/td&gt; &lt;td&gt;&lt;/td&gt...Learn More
  8. Hidden Features/Properties/Attribute/Tags of CSS3 and HTML

    In CSS and HTML world there are always features (Properties/Attribute/Tags) that would be useful in fringe scenarios, but for that very reason most people don't know them. I am asking for features that are not ...Learn More
  9. How to create a button with gradient background and background image?

    i'm trying to use some jquery client side validation for my asp.net 2.0 webform. and it seems that the normal input submit button can easily trigger the validation on click. but i'm currently using a three divs...Learn More
  10. Having Fun With Impractical CSS

    Enough Theory, Let’s Get Coding Background and main container According to the structure chart, we want the background in html:before . Then we want the html element to contain everything. This allows us to ...Learn More
  11. Override opaque text in a transparent div with CSS

    I am trying to make text inside a transparent div have no opacity, aka be completely black: &lt;div style="opacity:0.6;background:#3cc;"&gt; &lt;p style="background:#000;opacity:1"&gt;This t...Learn More
  12. Non-linear shadow in HTML design

    I'm trying to create a shadow that is wider in the top like in the picture below. It does not have to be very cross-browser, recent Firefox and WebKit based browser will do just fine. Does anyone have any good ...Learn More