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  1. Windows .Net controls - Creating property templates

    Assume that all text box controls in my .Net Windows application created by dragging a TextBox control onto the Form editor should have the following default properties (some text box instances can override the...Learn More
  2. XAML skin set in codebehind - how to skin at design time?

    I have a Singleton WPF app so don't have the usual app.xaml. Instead I programmatically set what would be in app.xaml in the codebehind. I would like the app to appear skinned at design time though. I am cur...Learn More
  3. IOException Resource not Found during Design Time in WPF

    i have a problem with my WPF application during design-time. i get there error in this screenshot. it is german and means something like: IOException: the resource "x" can not be found, allthough the resource i...Learn More
  4. External assemblies not working at design time

    I'm having a trouble I can't find a solution for (everything I've found so far is not really relevant to my problem). For some reason, my Visual Studio (I use the 2015 Community Edition with Resharper Ultimate ...Learn More