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    I'm getting this error when trying to do embedded signing, but I have no clue where to follow as I'm re-using the data from the previous calls. The calls I'm doing are the following, with data and responses: -...Learn More
  2. Tabs not showing up in envelope created from template

    I'm trying to create a embedded envelope based on a template. The problem I am having is that in the created envelope the tabs I have created are missing. I searched around and found the role assignment and us...Learn More
  3. DocuSign - Tag placement

    I have been using DocuSign's SOAP based API call "CreateandSendEnvelope" to create an envelope into specified DocuSign account. Everything seems to be working fine except I have been having difficult time while...Learn More
  4. How should I provide DocuSign with a PDF?

    We're using Python and the Requests library to add PDFs to DocuSign envelopes using the Add document method of the REST API v2: response = requests.put( '<base URL>/envelopes/<envelope ...Learn More
  5. Text Align DocuSign Custom Fields/Tags

    I'm building my custom template in DocuSign. I can't seem to find a way to align the text (left, right, center) in the web-based user interface nor through the XML for a template. Is this possible, and if so, ...Learn More
  6. Font Size does not work for tabs : DocuSign

    I am using embedded DocuSign in my project. I need to set the size of initials as small as possible. I known that Size7 is the least size, which I can set. But some how it is not working in my case. Even if I c...Learn More
  7. Docusign ReturnURL using SOAP API

    Seeing lots of un-answered Docusign questions, but I'll take the chance anyway. I see lots of examples of how you can use the returnURL parameter using the Docusign REST api in order to redirect a user to a cu...Learn More