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  1. Making An Effortless Switch From .NET to Java

    **Making An Effortless Switch From .NET to Java** Ever since programming and programmers took center stage, there has been this never ending debate about which of the two, .NET and JAVA, is a better programmin...Learn More
  2. C# SQL CLR Project - Public Generic.List items show up as non-public members in debugger

    I'm having an issue in a C# SQL CLR project where publicly declared Generic.List items are not showing up as public in the debugger. This is problematic because I'm trying to serialize the object to XML. The ...Learn More
  3. What's the practical limit for SQL Connection timeouts using .NET?

    We are getting ready to promote a new system to production, and are running into issues where the connection to SQL is timing out. This product was largely written by people who are SQL developers, not famil...Learn More
  4. Has String.Intern had the value?

    String.Intern has a special pool for strings which can later be retrieved. Is there any way for me to know that the specified string was taken from the pool , and was NOt newly created ? example : string s1 = ...Learn More
  5. What are good introductory resources for expert developers new to the .NET framework?

    I have a client who wants to transition off their old environment into .NET. The client has a good grounding in basic OO concepts (their existing development environment supports this) and are expert develope...Learn More
  6. Reflection accessing a property if it has a property named "Name"

    Using reflection I get a set of PropertyInfo: var infos = typeof(T).GetProperties(.....) My object (simplified) Customer Dog (class with field 'Name') Cow (class with field 'Name') FName (st...Learn More
  7. How to get metadata from file in C#?

    For example I have a file '1.mp3', metadata are length, codec, compositor, license, bitrate, etc How can I get that metadata? I want to get metadata from different types of files. ...Learn More
  8. Distributed cache or maybe database to send data to clients?

    I need help with a common senario..... I have a central database or datastore in some way. Then I have a bunch of Win-clients. These clients all needs a part of this data in a local datastore of some kind. The...Learn More
  9. securing a WCF service for consumption by iphone

    I have a WCF service that needs to be secured to be consumed by an iphone app. I would like to know what my options are. I looked around the net and found that using SSL or api key or username/password over SSL...Learn More
  10. VS2010 Sharing Projects Between .Net Framework Versions

    I have 2 Visual Studio 2010 solutions and I need to share a project between them. However, one of the solutions needs to build against .Net 3.5 and the other against 4.0. If I change the Targeted Framework in ...Learn More
  11. Creating POS software with C# for POSTEK G-2108 printer

    My client want my program (a database reader program) to print all the data (in the program) to be a label in a paper roll. They want the program can print with their printer (a barcode printer POSTEK g-2108) ...Learn More
  12. How to suicide a console app?

    I have a Console App which creates/launches other sub-processes. I need to check somehow if itself or his ProcessChilds are went to deadlock, and kill the youngest of the associated process tree. With this obj...Learn More