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  1. How to create virtual printer connected to website server on the Internet?

    Objective My team and I are building an online printer service for our neighborhood. There are a central server and several printers connected to this server via PC, and the clients could upload their files on...Learn More
  2. Where (in which file) does Eclipse store database drivers definitions?

    I'm trying to control mutliple Eclipse configurations through SVN. For that purpose I need to know in which files does Eclipse store his configurations. What I could not find, is where are the driver definition...Learn More
  3. ZwReadVirtualMemory and PatchGuard

    I have a question about calling the routine ZwReadVirtualMemory from my driver. I noticed it is not exported by ntokskrnl after dumping the EAT. How and where can I find the virtual address for this routine? I...Learn More
  4. Vb.Net - UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices

    I'm trying to use UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices to install drivers but Im just Getting "No More Data Available" Error. Please help me Code: Const Driver_TEMP_Path As String = "C:\AdbDriver\android_winusb...Learn More
  5. How can I make IOCTL calls from a driver to another driver (not in the same stack) (on windows)

    I want to make IOCTL call from a driver to another one which is totally different (not on the same stack) I have checked on the net, but they only talk about how to send IOCTL to a lower driver, but it's not m...Learn More
  6. Duplicate device input events on unix (/dev/input/event)

    I'm using linux/ubuntu, and I would like to play a little bit with my touchpad. I'm trying to use python-evdev to read events from /dev/input/events, for now just printing them: import evdev dev = evdev.InputDe...Learn More
  7. How to use CLASSPATH regarding to mysql drivers? "Could not find driver with class name: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"

    I am installing Atlassian Confluence on our Ubuntu 12.04 64bit Server. I downloaded a fully packed installation of Confluence and already installed it on a virtual machine for testing. Now I install it on the s...Learn More
  8. Codeigniter Cache Driver 500 error on load

    I want to use the CI cache driver but when I use $this->load->driver('cache'); in MY_Controller.php or a normal controller I get a server error page (500 error). I am using CI 2.1.3 Any idea in how to ...Learn More
  9. struct file in linux driver

    I am currently learning how to write Linux device drivers and I have trouble understanding "struct file". I am using the book Linux Device Drivers 3rd edition to help me out. This is what I understood. a. s...Learn More
  10. What network library on what IRQL?

    I somewhat confused because I've read that "everything" should be possible at IRQL_PASSIVE, but I am not so sure whether this includes winsock2 or other userland libraries. My normal understanding would be to u...Learn More
  11. Java MySQL Driver and ClassNotFoundException

    I am attempting to connect to a mysql database, with a connection url of: jdbc:mysql:// I have downloaded the coorect Mysql driver to connect with the database, and have tried a multitude of...Learn More