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  1. Windows Python How to download dropbox popup from a website?

    Alright so the issue is that I visit a site to download the file I want but the problem is the website that I try to download the file from doesn't host the actual file instead it uses dropbox to host it so as ...Learn More
  2. Access files from a large directory Dropbox API

    I am trying to access a subset of files from a directory in Dropbox. That directory has more than 25k files (about 200k and growing) and so my initial attempt at building a list of filenames from client.metadat...Learn More
  3. Is Dropbox a valid quick-and-dirty source control solution?

    I see many CS students who use Dropbox as an alternative to real SC systems due to its ease of use. Do you use Dropbox as a quick-and-dirty source control solution? Is this a valid use for it? ...Learn More
  4. Celery task within a task

    I have combined dropbox with celery in my app and with this i am allowing users to have their own photos stored if they have their dropbox connected. I have written a piece of code, but I am worried that this m...Learn More
  5. Automating the Dropbox OAuth authentication from Python

    For a fully automated application where we are using Dropbox we need to automatically login into Dropbox using 'dropboxfs' (a Dropbox FS layer using 'pyfilesystem'). The constructor expects https://github.com...Learn More
  6. Giving back: Aakash Kambuj shares what it means to remember where you come from

    Giving back: Aakash Kambuj shares what it means to remember where you come from Dropbox Follow May 17, 2019 · 4 min read Aakash Kambuj For Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month (APIHM), we celebrate all of th...Learn More
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  7. Open Source Alternative to Drop Box

    Is there an open source alternative to DropBox. We'd like to offer a service for our user base (30,000+ users) to share files with each other similar to DropBox, but have a requirement to host this service in o...Learn More
  8. Learn how our newest ERG, enABLE, can support all Dropboxers with Technical Program Manager Michael Palmer

    Learn how our newest ERG, enABLE, can support all Dropboxers with Technical Program Manager Michael Palmer Dropbox Follow Oct 22, 2020 · 6 min read October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, an...Learn More
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  9. SQLite file locking and DropBox

    I'm developing an app in Visual C++ that uses an SQLite3 DB for storing data. Usually it sits in the tray most of the time. I also would like to enable putting my app in a DropBox folder to share it across seve...Learn More
  10. Staff Engineer Jamie Riedesel teaches us how to connect with coworkers and write a book, all from the comfort of home

    Have you seen change from your experience even a year ago to now? When COVID-19 hit, instead of seeing 20 people in a conference room, you suddenly saw 20 separate faces on Zoom. That democratized things amazi...Learn More
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  11. What Giving Tuesday means to our Dropbox for Good SF Lead

    Giving Tuesday is not just a day — it’s a movement that encourages giving and generosity around the world to help kick off the holiday season. Although this tradition looks a little different this year, we’ve r...Learn More
  12. Dropbox file fetcher broken, API/Redirect update on their part?

    The script I used fetched a file from https://www.dropbox.com/browse_plain/$REMOTEDIR?no_js=true which now returns: HTTP/1.1 302 FOUND Server: nginx/0.7.63 Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 17:02:44 GMT Conten...Learn More