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  1. Can't download file from dropbox.com with Javascript?

    I have web application that can download from dropbox.com. The application is written using Javascript. I'm using the dropbox.min.js http://code.google.com/p/dropbox-js/ library running on a client. This is a ...Learn More
  2. How to check for valid dropbox user session?

    I am working with the Android Dropbox API. In the main activity of my app, I am doing the auth calls to the dropbox api. The problem is, every time my app launches, the user has to hit "allow" to grant permissi...Learn More
  3. Connection ASP.NET web application to Dropbox

    I'm working on a web application and i want to give my users the ability to connect a personal Dropbox account. I will build the files and folders browser but i want to be able to access them first. I have a A...Learn More
  4. Is there a way to use DropBox for authentication without re-authorization?

    I'm developing a DropBox app - one that has no use if the user is not authenticated by DropBox. Therefore it would be useless to have separate account management in my app, (using the DropBox accounting should ...Learn More
  5. Speeding up large number of requests to generate Dropbox shareable link with Python SDK?

    I am generating shareable links for a huge number of files using the Dropbox Core API (Python 2.7). For every single file I run: dropbox_file = dropbox_client.share(item_filename, short_url=False) item_url = dr...Learn More
  6. Is there a way to download a file using the Dropbox API without using web server bandwidth?

    I'm new to programming in python/Django and the Dropbox-API. I searched and searched but haven't been able to find the answer. I am using Python-Django and have my Dropbox application authorized to access a Dr...Learn More
  7. program wont work after being compiled with py2exe

    I wrote a program it works fine without any errors when I run it from the python interpreter, I then used py2exe to turn it in to an .exe but when I run it it does'nt work anymore... I get this error: Traceback...Learn More
  8. Access files from a large directory Dropbox API

    I am trying to access a subset of files from a directory in Dropbox. That directory has more than 25k files (about 200k and growing) and so my initial attempt at building a list of filenames from client.metadat...Learn More
  9. Get Notified when a file changes on dropbox

    Does dropbox have a way of notifying when a file changes i.e arrival of new uploads or a file has changed. ...Learn More
  10. Trouble installing dropboxpython api (with ssl) on webfaction

    I developed a Django app that uses the dropbox api. On my development environment on windows it works perfect which uses python 2.7. I tried deploying it to my site (hosted by webfaction), which I originally se...Learn More
  11. Automating the Dropbox OAuth authentication from Python

    For a fully automated application where we are using Dropbox we need to automatically login into Dropbox using 'dropboxfs' (a Dropbox FS layer using 'pyfilesystem'). The constructor expects https://github.com...Learn More
  12. How to create folder(if not exist) in dropbox accout using php-api?

    am trying to learn dropbox php-api. i have done upload, but unable to create a new folder(if not exist) in dropbox account code snippet : // Create new directory $create_new_folder = $dropbox->createFold...Learn More