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  1. Introducing Pixy

    **Introducing Pixy** Introducing Pixy (aka CMUcam5). Its an embedded camera that has a dual core ARM processor, USB/I2C/UART/SPI communication, and built-in vision algorithms. I started working on this camera...Learn More
  2. CMUcam Pixy Explained

    **CMUcam Pixy Explained** What is Pixy? Pixy is a fully open source embedded camera that has a dual core ARM processor, USB/I2C/UART/SPI communication, and built-in computer vision algorithms. Pixy, also known ...Learn More
  3. End of the Kickstarter

    **End of the Kickstarter** I'm a little late in posting this (8 days late, to be exact), but the Pixy Kickstarter is over and we're on to the next phase of the project. Here's how we did: Total Days: 30 Total ...Learn More
  4. What is Arduino?

    What is Arduino? Arduino Explained One of the most common questions I see from people that are just entering electronics and programming is: what is Arduino? Well, Arduino is a platform for microcontroller devi...Learn More
  5. help requires in winavr

    i am trying to send ---.hex file to my siemens C55 throught serial port but while doing do i am getting an error "make.exe" program avrdude -p atmega8 -P com2 -c stk200 -U flash:w:gsm_remote.hex a...Learn More
  6. serialize and deserialize SQL query

    I'm having an embedded device which keeps a list of inner tables. I would like it to synchronize this table's state with some outside database for debugging purposes. That is whenever I add an element to a cert...Learn More
  7. Sending sqlite db over network

    I have an sqlite database whose data I need to transfer over the network, the server needs to modify the data, and then I need to get the db back and either update my local version or overwrite it with the new ...Learn More
  8. What is Yocto Project and why you should use it for embedded Linux development

    Introduction Yocto Project : can build toolchains, can build bootloaders, can build kernels, can build root filesystems can generate an entire Linux Distribution containing binary packages that can be ins...Learn More
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  9. On-the-fly email encryption/signature

    Background: I've inherited an embedded linux-based system that contains an SMTP proxy and some wacky constraints that I just have to live with. It sits between an SMTP client and server. When an SMTP client ...Learn More
  10. What tools to use for developing flash/flex based touch screen user interface for embedded system

    We are looking at developing a device with a touch screen and an embedded PC like computer for the user interface. What are the benefits and disadvantages of using flash/flex for this user interface developmen...Learn More
  11. Detect if IP is static or obtained from DHCP on busybox

    I am working on embedded device who run BusyBox. The system is getting its address by using the ip command. I want to figure out from my C program whether the device ip static or received from DHCP server. Ho...Learn More
  12. What is the workaround for unaligned memory access exception on ARM9 using C?

    Architecture ARM9. Programming Language C. We have a third-party stack and one of the calls takes a pointer(pBuffer) to a memory location. Within the stack, they are free to move around the pointer passed and a...Learn More