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  1. C++ Program to Create Facebook Login Screen

    **C++ Program to Create Facebook Login Screen** Actually this program doesn’t creates a facebook login screen. I have just used graphics to create two boxes with an option to enter username and password. Th...Learn More
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  2. The Market will always have room for Cryptocurrencies that are more Centralized than Bitcoin

    Landon, you mentioned in your article: “ETH is a Bitcoin offshoot with debatable credibility, due to its centralized organization structure.” It’s interesting that you mention this, because I think it helps to...Learn More
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  3. When Students Leverage Social Media to Plan Events

    When Students Leverage Social Media to Plan Events April 4, 2017 The ISTE Standards for Students are goals that have been vetted through thousands of educators to set measurable outcomes that have been decide...Learn More
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  4. The Privacy Paradox: Government Regulation and the Erosion of Technological Transparency

    Photo by ev on Unsplash The era of self-regulation for the technology industry appears to be over. In its place, a series of new government regulations are being implemented. The European Union (EU) introduced...Learn More
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  5. Libra under the Privacy Magnifier

    Billions of words have already been said and written about the new ambitious project “made in” Facebook, Libra. In the following lines, we will not examine the project when it comes to its White Paper and its p...Learn More
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  6. Economics of Big Data and Privacy: Exploring Netflix and Facebook

    Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash It is the 21st century, technology is on the rise, the internet has succeeded paper texts. We live in a world that is interconnected. In this fast-paced, growing world, data is...Learn More
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  7. Inside the Social Media Cult That Convinces Young People to Give Up Everything

    Inside the Social Media Cult That Convinces Young People to Give Up Everything The DayLife Army always seemed like a troll. Then it became a nightmare. It started with a tweet. In the fall of 2013, Matthew ha...Learn More
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  8. Advertising to Facebook “Fans” Alone Contradicts Marketing Theory

    Not only does this mean that a very few people are seeing a brand’s content, but those exposed to this content are only the page “Likes” or, as we used to call them, Facebook ‘fans’. This implies that many mar...Learn More
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  9. A Content Moderation scheme for Facebook and other Social Media

    In recent years, Facebook has come under fire for their handling of harmful content posted on their platform. The content in question includes fake news, credible threats of violence, terrorism, and even genoci...Learn More
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  10. Parler, Newsmax, and OANN App Downloads Tumble After November Spike

    Parler, Newsmax, and OANN App Downloads Tumble After November Spike But many of the apps report consistent gains in engagement Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images Following the November election, millio...Learn More
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  11. 5 Powerful Hidden Facebook Page Features for Marketers

    Do you manage a Facebook page for your business? Interested in ways to improve your marketing? In addition to the Facebook features you use for business every day, there are some handy ones you may have overl...Learn More
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  12. Investing in New Frontiers

    Investing in New Frontiers Facebook was founded in 2004. Bitcoin in 2009. Old frontiers are often still very new. Knowing what they’ll do next is nearly impossible. “Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinkin...Learn More
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