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  1. Append *multiple* paths to PYTHONPATH in fish

    Here I read how to append to PYTHONPATH in fish, and that works fine for one string. However, if I do this: set --export PYTHONPATH $PYTHONPATH path1 path2 I get this: >> import os >&gt...Learn More
  2. test command: difference between -n and -z

    Given this driver function that only produces output given certain input: function driver -a arg test $arg = 1; and echo OK return 0 end Things work OK when the function emits output: $ driver 1 | od -c 00...Learn More
  3. Molecular Pathogenesis Of Multiple Myeloma (Plasma Cell Tumors)

    Multiple myeloma is a malignant proliferation of plasma cells and plasmacytoid (collection of monoclonal plasma cells) in bone marrow. In active multiple myeloma must be distinguished from other disorder and ch...Learn More
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  4. Testing command substitution output in fish

    There is another question about testing command substitution for a particular string. I want to test if a command outputs anything in a single statement, i.e., the equivalent of: if [[ -n "$(foo)" ]] in bash....Learn More
  5. A Fish For One, Please

    First, the turbot is presented tableside, raw and glistening, like a fine bottle of wine, or a diamond necklace. The fish is taken away and grilled. When it returns, the fish has been cooked whole and is sittin...Learn More