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  1. Trying to write Python script to remove duplicate fonts Mac OSX

    I am trying to write a utility to check through the fonts on OSX and remove duplicates - so far I've had success iterating through the folder structure and writing out an xml file containing fonts and paths. Th...Learn More
  2. How to detect the right font to use depending on the langage

    For a program of mine I have a database full of street name (using GIS stuff) in unicode. The user selects any part of the world he wants to see (using openstreetmap, google maps or whatever) and my program dis...Learn More
  3. Determine font(s) used in uipasteboard text on the iPhone

    Here is the scenerio: The user copies random text with mixed fonts. How do I determine the font(s) used? When the text is pasted from the UIPasteboard into a textview it correctly shows the mixed fonts, so I be...Learn More
  4. Font Setting in VS2010 - missing FixedSys

    After installing VS2010 yesterday - (both VS2005 and VS2010 installed), I can't find the "FixedSys" style font from the Fonts and Colors -> Font (pull down list). I can still use the font in VS2005. [update]...Learn More
  5. font is not the same in Linux FF and in Windows FF

    Please check this screenshot! This is the same page in Linux FF (on the left) and Windows FF (on the right, also it's displayed in the same way in IEs). I love how it looks in Linux FF and want to have the s...Learn More
  6. Calculating the pixel size of a string with Python

    I have a Python script which needs to calculate the exact size of arbitrary strings displayed in arbitrary fonts in order to generate simple diagrams. I can easily do it with Tkinter. import Tkinter as tk impor...Learn More
  7. What font should I use in Visual Studio 2010 when giving a presentation?

    Scott Hanselman suggests using Lucida Console, 14 to 18pt, Bold for the Visual Studio font when presenting. But that's a post from 2003, and I think I remember hearing that there was a better font in VS 2010. ...Learn More
  8. Drawing with Webdings in PIL

    I've got a Python program using PIL to render text, and it works great with all kinds of fonts. But it only draws "missing glyph" rectangles with wingdings or webdings. Here's a sample that tries to draw every...Learn More
  9. What does the '@' mean when prefixed to Windows font face name?

    With EnumFontFamiliesEx, I get two instances of some fonts, the second of which has '@' prefixed to the face name in the LOGFONT. For example, I get "MS PMincho" and "@MS PMincho". Yet for other fonts, I just...Learn More
  10. What is the Best Font for Subtitles?

    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels The joys of watching videos on the Web are only really enhanced by the fact that the videos you watch often contain subtitles. In these cases, these captions will be in t...Learn More
  11. Automatic font recognition with Python

    As you may have heard of, there is an online font recognition service call WhatTheFont I'm curious about the tech behind this tool. I think basically we can seperate this into two parts: Generate images from...Learn More
  12. Detecting ClearType-optimized fonts

    Question: Is there a way to check if a given font is one of Microsoft's ClearType-optimized fonts? I guess I could simply hard-code the list of font names, since it's a relatively short list, but that seems a b...Learn More