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  1. Nutritious, diverse and water efficient, such is the potato

    A brief journey from production, to pantry, to plate and what choices we can make for the environment, to reduce food waste and increase sustainability. Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay Originating from Sou...Learn More
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    Pakistan is a lower middle-income country and the sixth most populous in the world. While undernourishment has slightly declined over the last two decades, it remains “moderately high”. Strictly speaking, Pakis...Learn More
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  3. Poor Children Should Be Allowed To Die:

    Edwardian England Yes No I don’t care I make no apologies for repeating one of the most hard-hitting headlines of recent times. The above was used by UNICEF as a fundraiser. Its shock effect must be one of ...Learn More
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  4. WASTENOT: An app designed to help you reduce your food waste

    “Food waste is responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions”- Hannah Ritchie- Senior Researcher at University of Oxford For this 2 week project, we were asked to develop a tracking app. As a concerned...Learn More
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