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  1. Is this an efficient way to generate the Thue-Morse sequence in Python?

    Is using a generator as in the code below, an efficient way to generate the Thue-Morse sequence in Python? # generate the Thue-Morse sequence def genThueMorse(): # initialize tms = '0' curr = 0 ...Learn More
  2. Python generator objects: __sizeof__()

    This may be a stupid question but I will ask it anyway. I have a generator object: >>> def gen(): ... for i in range(10): ... yield i ... >>> obj=g...Learn More
  3. Difference between generators and functions returning generators

    I was debugging some code with generators and came to this question. Assume I have a generator function def f(x): yield x and a function returning a generator: def g(x): return f(x) They surely return...Learn More
  4. Python yield generator function

    So I've got this ginormous humungous class, of which the only relevant code is: def get_col_is_numeric(self, col_name): "Returns an iterator with each cell length in the named column" min(se...Learn More
  5. Yield Only Once Per Iteration

    I'm trying to do type conversions using a generator, but I want to move to the next element in the iterator once I successfully yield a value. My current attempt will yield multiple values in cases where the ex...Learn More
  6. Quickly opening and closing csv?

    I'm working on a program in python that converts a csvs to a list of lists. It does this multiple times for different files so I made it into a function. I haven't encountered errors with this, but I'm worried ...Learn More
  7. How to create Python Generator that iterates through date range giving me 3 day segments?

    I need to query an API for data over a multi-month period. However, the API chokes on longer than 3-day intervals. So I want to create a generator function to separate my multi-month date range into 3 day segme...Learn More
  8. Adding item back into an iterable (yield/generator)

    I thought this is a great moment to use yield, but I'm stuck. When something fails, I would like to send the item back into the generator. I've read that this is possible, so I'd really like to use my first gen...Learn More
  9. combine results of multiple python scripts in one statement

    I have about 4 different python scripts that all return a list of dictionaries. I would like to combine the results from all of the scripts and then print it out to the console, but if possible I would like to...Learn More
  10. Python Generator Cutoff

    I have a generator that will keep giving numbers that follow a specific formula. For sake of argument let's say this is the function: # this is not the actual generator, just an example def Generate(): i = ...Learn More
  11. Python -- generator interspersing value between iterator -- am I doing this correctly?

    I have this function I made: def iter_intersperse(iterOver, injectItem, startWithIter = True): for item in iterOver: sendItem = (item, injectItem) if startWithIter else (injectItem, item) yi...Learn More
  12. Python password generation: Count unique values in list, remove doubles and replace with new unique values for PW Gen

    Im searching for a fast and pythonic way to generate new (forgotten) user passwords with high entropy. To achieve this i use a list with 64 chars which in this code will only be named "chars = []" The problem i...Learn More