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  1. problem with a HashSet's Iterator

    I'm trying to see if HashSet would be the solution for my next project so i'm doing some very easy test to check functionalities. I have a simple class Klant: public class Klant { private int klantNummer; ...Learn More
  2. How to set a struct value T from Type

    I'm using the extension from Joel's string-to-nullable-type answer here: public static Nullable<T> ToNullable<T>(this string s) where T: struct { Nullable<T> result...Learn More
  3. Why should I replace CollectionBase with Generics?

    I'm not looking for how, I'm looking for why? I couldn't find a straight forward answer to this. ...Learn More
  4. Scala: Handy implicit

    Whenever I get a chance to work in Scala, I always love its simplicity like Python, handiness like Perl, and running like Java. Scala’s implicit ways are another way of writing syntactical sugary flavors of wr...Learn More
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  5. Java generics, how do you say it when reading code out loud?

    Just wondering, how would you read out loud the following items using generic types? 1) class Box<T> 2) Box<Integer> integerBox 3) class Box<T,U> ...Learn More
  6. Generifying with "super"

    I would like to write an Interator like this: class Plant { } class Tree extends Plant { } class Maple extends Tree { } // Iterator class: compiler error on the word "super". class MyIterator<T super Ma...Learn More
  7. Configuring Checkstyle to ignore generic warnings

    I'm working on a project and using checkstyle to validate the javadocs for the project. I do not want any checkstyle javadoc warnings. However checkstyle is giving me the following unwanted warning to do with ...Learn More
  8. Implementation of Lazy<T> for .NET 3.5

    .NET 4.0 has a nice utility class called System.Lazy that does lazy object initialization. I would like to use this class for a 3.5 project. One time I saw an implementation somewhere in a stackoverflow answer ...Learn More
  9. Java: How to pass a class to a function for instantiation

    Please forgive my ignorance, but I wasn't able to find an answer elsewhere. I have the following code: int value = 5; Strategy s = new Strategy(convert(value)); mainClass.setStuff(s, value); The Strategy is in...Learn More
  10. How to write the constraints for a generic class

    There is a generic class XXValue like this, where the Type T can be value type or reference type, e.g int, string, struct object public class XXValue&lt;T&gt; { public T DefaultValue; } And there i...Learn More
  11. Why does ICollection<T> implement both IEnumerable<T> and IEnumerable

    Why does ICollection<T> implement both IEnumerable<T> and IEnumerable? What is the purpose of this? How does IEnumerable benefit ICollection<T>? ...Learn More
  12. Spring MVC: How to return different type in ResponseEntity body

    In my request handler I want to do some validation and based on the outcome of validation check I will return different response (success/error). So I create a abstract class for the response object and make 2 ...Learn More