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  1. Clustering geo location coordinates (lat,long pairs) using KMeans algorithm with Python

    Using the following code to cluster geolocation coordinates results in 3 clusters: import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from scipy.cluster.vq import kmeans2, whiten coordinates= n...Learn More
  2. Google API on Libre Office suddenly doesn't give info

    I have been working with Libre Office for a while now. I have this huge database from which I have to find the coordinates for each given address given there. I was using the GeoLocate API found on this site. H...Learn More
  3. Finding a gps location at a certain time given two points?

    If I have two known locations and a known speed, how can I calculate the current position at distance d (in km)? For example, given: Two gps locations in ES4236: 37.783333, -122.416667 # San Francisco 32.715,...Learn More
  4. Re direct to a sub domain

    I hope you can help me. I need to direct traffic to certian subdomains. EG I live in RSA and we have 4 major cities. Cape Town Johannesburg Eastern Cape Durban I have the following sub domainds capetown.my...Learn More
  5. where to put enableHighAccuracy and other settings for geolocation

    I have the following code which gets the geo location and posts it, then displays a button in div. This works on desktops but does not work in android a common issue as mentioned on this site. Recommendations...Learn More
  6. How to handle when user closes “Physical Location” prompt in Firefox and Chrome?

    I'm using the Geolocation object and getCurrentPosition(). Have you seen that everytime you use getCurrentPosition Firefox and Chrome prompt these massages? Chrome: Example.com wants to track your physical loc...Learn More
  7. Google+ check-in location in ios

    I want to implement location check-in feature in ios. My application is using google+ ios sdk. The problem which I am facing is that after I have implemented google+ check-in feature then that post is not being...Learn More
  8. Utils for Android Location Manager

    I'm looking for a library that would make it easier to use Location Manager in Android. I would like it to support timeout, obtaining location from several location providers and choosing the best estimate out ...Learn More
  9. detect geode, fire eagle, or google gear installed on browser

    is there any demo on how to detect geode ,fire eagle, google gear installed on user browsers and get user location? ...Learn More
  10. get latitude and longitude for locations in a file

    I have a list of place around 900-1200 I would like to get each of their latitude and longitude in a File like csv or anyother suitable format as i need to push it into a database. would there be any possible...Learn More
  11. Using GeopositionField to find closest database entries

    I am using GeopositionField in Django to store the coordinates of my user. Now I want to find a list of 20 users who are closest to current user. Can that functionality be acheaved my GeopositionField? I know t...Learn More
  12. How do I geolocate an image returned by the 'map image' API?

    The HERE Maps (the old Nokia Maps) has a variety of APIs, the most useful of which for non-web desktop applications looks like the Map Image API. This API allows you to specify a center location and a zoom lev...Learn More