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  1. Guide to Building Rest APIs with Strapi

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Are you a backend developer looking for a fast and easy way to set up a Node API? Or are you a frontend developer who wants to create and manage a backend using a user-f...Learn More
  2. Building a GraphQL API with Django

    Building a GraphQL API with Django Introduction Web APIs are the engines that power most of our applications today. For many years REST has been the dominant architecture for APIs, but in this article we will e...Learn More
  3. Building GraphQL APIs with Vue.js and Apollo Client

    Building GraphQL APIs with Vue.js and Apollo Client Introduction GraphQL is a graph-oriented query language written by Facebook. In contrast to REST APIs, GraphQL introduces features that make API development m...Learn More
  4. Ruby On Rails and GraphQL Part 2

    As a second installment to my last post, here is a guide on how to use GraphQL to get all posts by a user and how to get all comments with our post. First off, we need to create a comments table: rails g reso...Learn More
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  5. GraphQL on SwiftUI: Interfaces, Unions, and Fragments

    GraphQL on SwiftUI: Interfaces, Unions, and Fragments Learn how to query more sophisticated and complex schema in SwiftUI apps. I’ve written a book on web development. It is an end to end complete book on mod...Learn More
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  6. How to Generate Typescript Types for GraphQL in React Project

    GraphQL codegen office logo GraphQL is cool, it exposes the exact contract between frontend and backend in details. However, when you try to use it, there is still gaps between GraphQL and the host programmin...Learn More
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  7. The Shadow Request: Troubleshooting OkCupid’s First GraphQL Release

    As we were building our GraphQL API in a totally new stack, we wanted to see how it would measure up against our previous REST API with a real production load, and we wanted to do so without negatively impactin...Learn More
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  8. Why I believe Gatsby.js has JavaScript’s best tools for image optimisation — and how to use them

    Like so many developers, my first fully-functioning site was a blog. I built it as a custom WordPress theme, and I had grand plans for a homepage filled with high-quality images of the articles. When a pushed ...Learn More
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  9. Our Favourite React Ecosystem

    We know how difficult is to choose the right technologies and packages for the React application. Let us introduce you to our frontend ecosystem, custom packages, best practices, and further experience… Photo ...Learn More
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  10. How to Set Up a Basic GraphQL Server

    Create a MongoDB Instance Our first task is to get a connection to a MongoDB instance. If you don’t have MongoDB ready to use, you can create an instance through one of the three following methods. Install Mo...Learn More
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  11. GraphQL Codegen: Generate reusable hooks for your React application

    First, we install the `@graphql-codegen/cli` package, which will help us achieve this. yarn add -D @graphql-codegen/cli After this, we use the cli to set up our config by running; yarn graphql-codegen init ...Learn More
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  12. How to Structure GraphQL/Serverless App Using Typescript.

    How to Structure GraphQL/Serverless App Using Typescript. In this article, I will share a scalable and modular solution to structure a GraphQL application. Photo by André Sanano on Unsplash When you create a...Learn More