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  1. Convert Java Object (POJO) To and From JSON with Gson

    Introduction The JSON format is one of the most popular ways to serialize data. Knowing how to read and write it is an important skill for any programmer. There are a couple of Java libraries that can parse JSO...Learn More
  2. JSON deserializing List in java with no type information

    class Result { private List orders;// Holds objects of class Object only. private Number a; private Number b; } class Order { private Number oid; private Number status; } public class TestClass { pu...Learn More
  3. Using Json And Gson In java web Applications

    Hi could anyone please explain me,When we need to use JSon or Gson. What would be the scenario?Could it possible to use Gson or Json in request scope attribute or only during ajax response in the application. ...Learn More
  4. Gson exception while reading Json with JsonArray and JsonObject

    I am trying to call a json response using Gson. But it contains a JSONArray object on one place and a JSONObject in place in the same hierarchy, here my json response is: "{"SERVICES":{"Results":[{"Items":{"Ite...Learn More
  5. Gson automatically add classname

    Lets say I have the following classes: public class Dog { public String name = "Edvard"; } public class Animal { public Dog madDog = new Dog(); } If I run this trough a Gson it will serialize it as fo...Learn More
  6. How can i parse JSON from Webservice result with Gson

    When i send request to server. I get result data with this format: { "menu": { "7": [{ "m_id": "1", "m_flag": "1", "m_type": "7", "m_name": "\u30cf\u30a4\u30cd\u30b1\u30f3",...Learn More
  7. How to can I parse this json?

    I am trying to parse the Json result returned from this url. I want to get title, content and thumbnail value. I tried to make a java class to Map those values . import java.util.List; public class Dbpediaresu...Learn More
  8. How to Deserialize using GSON?

    How to deserialize the following response from server using GSON in Android? I want to deserialize the following code and store the data in a java class instance using JsonReader. { "createTimestamp": "2013-...Learn More
  9. Java Gson http response difficult parsing

    I want to parse big response from http json response from server. Creating class responding to file is harmful because file is too large. I tried with gson, but with no effect Here is response http://www.sendsp...Learn More
  10. What am I doing wrong in this parsing?

    I am currently parsing through reddit.com/.json with Google Gson and having some trouble. After doing some research I found a way to parse through json with Gson without making a lot of classes. I am using this...Learn More
  11. deserialize two different date formats with GSON

    Im consuming a clients JSON API using googles GSON lib to handle serialisation/deserialization. This is proving to be problematic as within the API's json entities there are a number of date formats scattered a...Learn More
  12. Retrofit throwing error Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was BEGIN_OBJECT

    Hi I am new to the Retrofit library, I am having problems parsing some json. I have looked at some other solutions on Stackoverflow but not having much luck with my problem. im trying to get a a simple webservi...Learn More