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  1. The Misdirection of Hope For The Deuce’s Lori Madison

    **Spoiler Warning for those not caught up on HBO’s The Deuce** Investing in characters within fiction can sometimes be a tricky proposition. Obviously, a story is nothing if we don’t care about the characters ...Learn More
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  2. 32 Game of Thrones Data Visualizations

    Geography The geography of the Lands of Ice and Fire is one of the unsung characters in the Game of Thrones world. The episodes dataset includes location information for each scene and each episode’s (award-wi...Learn More
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  3. “Enlightenment”: The Laura Dern and Mike White Orphaned Masterpiece

    Interview in 2018: “They’re not fully aware or owning the thing they made” NOTE 9/4/2021 : This is the worst read-to-view ratio story I’ve ever written. So maybe you want to quit right here ;) Before HBO’s Wh...Learn More
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  4. We Have Yet to be Modern

    In our heads we have two different senses of the word “modern”. We have the idealized version and the pragmatic one. The idealized version concerns fashion, lifestyle choices, the promise of clean and bright c...Learn More
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