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  1. Make Alexa speak any language with a little help of Home Assistant

    Python script on AppDaemon First create tts directory in /config/www path. In this location we will store audio files generated by TTS service. It is important to keep them in www because that directory is pub...Learn More
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  2. How does smart home automation work?

    TYPES OF HOME AUTOMATION? TYPES OF HOME AUTOMATION Wi-Fi-based Home Automation System WIFI based smart home system consists of three units. A. server The server aims to use secure Wireless Fidelity technol...Learn More
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  3. Sick and Tired of lousy Whole-home WiFi? Forget WiFi 6, powerline, mesh networking. The solution is sweet and simple!

    Do you have a whole-house WiFi range problem? Have you tried a few mega-size WiFi routers, mesh networking, and ethernet over power lines? I tried all these options and still got a fraction of my incoming bandw...Learn More
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