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  1. is there a way for my binary to react to some global hotkeys in linux?

    Is it possible to listen for a certain hotkey ( e.g:Ctrl-I ) and then perform a specific action ? My application is written in C , will only run on Linux , and it doesn't have a GUI . Are there any libraries th...Learn More
  2. Is there an Eclipse hotkey to switch tabs in the same way a browser switches tabs?

    In other words, I want to use CMD+2 to switch to the 2nd tab from the left directly, like I can do in Firefox and Chrome. ...Learn More
  3. Eclipse HotKey: how to switch between tabs?

    How can I switch between opened windows in Eclipse? There is Ctrl+F6, but it's asking me which one I want, but I want switch it like tabs in browser or window in operating system (Cmd/Win+Tab) without file-sele...Learn More
  4. Changin OS parameters from Java source code

    Can I design my program so that it will automatically change OS's hotkeys parameters? I mean, when installing a program, it will set the hotkey of OS so that if you press them, the program itself would run. (Li...Learn More
  5. How do you create hotkeys for toolbar buttons in WPF?

    In WPF, you can make a button as follows: <Button Name="Foo" Content="_Foo" /> The underscore before the 'F' associates the F key with the Foo button (and adds an underline under the 'F' in 'Foo'...Learn More
  6. Ctrl+C on ListView recognises as "LButton | Sift Key"

    How can I catch "ctrl+c" keys pressed on listview? I'm trying like that private void listviewLogger_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e) { if (sender != listviewLogger) return; //if (e.Control &amp...Learn More