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  1. So How Long Is That 2 Minute Read Really Going to Take?

    So How Long Is That 2 Minute Read Really Going to Take? How do you actually work out how long it takes me to read for two minutes. Image courtesy of Unsplash Enough already. I have a collection of foods in m...Learn More
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  2. Brain Food

    Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash This is an introduction to what I hope is something I write and publish weekly. I have never really wrote anything outside of the academic context but I do thoroughly enjoy wri...Learn More
  3. Thank you for reading…

    Thank you for reading… Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I read a reasonable amount. Not a ridiculous amount, I’m not one of these people that claims to read 100 books a year and prides t...Learn More
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  4. HOW TO: Stop stressing about the vaccine

    Dear Raquel, Are you going to take the vaccine when it is available to you? I’m just not sure what’s in it. How can we know it’s safe? Signed, Anti VaXXX Dear Anti VaXXX, For insurance purposes I have to v...Learn More
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  5. Becoming a Twitter Elite.

    If you missed the debut episode, this link should take you there. Twitter is like that fun social hangout in your neighbourhood that every young adult is attending and you also desire to join in as well, to ca...Learn More
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  6. I Just Had An Eye Transplant

    I’ve just had an eye transplant And when I close my older eye I see my dinner with my other, A juicy earthworm all squishy And fat. Now don’t squirm at my daily fodder. So, tell me what am eye? And no so...Learn More
  7. Fish in Rod

    Fish in Rod Sometimes you just have to fish or cut bait. A 100-word story. Photo by David Kinnear on Unsplash For a few years, Mr. Fischer kept his mistress in a large, luxury apartment with high ceilings an...Learn More
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  8. When I went to the grocery store

    When I went to the grocery store I didn’t come for biscuits. In the aisle near the door, there was biscuit on the floor. And all over his mother screamed, Removing her face mask come what hell brings. “B...Learn More
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