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  1. 5 Best Python Machine Learning IDEs

    **5 Best Python Machine Learning IDEs** In this article we are going to discuss about best Python Machine Learning IDEs and will find out which one suits you according to your needs. Also we will be deciding wh...Learn More
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  2. No code completion and syntax highlighting in Pydev

    I just configured Eclipse with PyDev latest version, but when I import external modules, neither code completion nor syntax highlighting works. How do I enable it? Komodo Edit does a better synax highlighting,...Learn More
  3. What IDE has the strongest support for Symfony framework?

    I'm looking for an IDE with use with the Symfony Framework. I have a bit of experience using the NetBeans 6.5 IDE but it does not always seem to complete the class methods, plus it doesn't seem to have any PHP...Learn More
  4. Imported Java applet project into netbeans won't work, Netbeans refuses to identify or even find main class even when manually set

    I'm trying to set the main class in netbeans to be the main class it was in the last environment it was in, however the program insists it can't find the main class itself and when I set it as the name of the m...Learn More
  5. Komodo Edit - code-completion for Django?

    I've been using Komodo Edit for a small project in Django. The code completion features seem to work pretty well for standard python modules, however, it doesn't know anything about Django modules. Is there ...Learn More
  6. IntelliJ Python plug-in

    I've been using IntelliJ IDEA at the day job for Java development for a few weeks now. I'm really impressed with it and I'm looking to extend it for other programming languages that I tinker with, starting wit...Learn More
  7. How do I run a Python program?

    So I'm starting like Python a bit, but I'm having trouble erm...running it. Lol I'm using IDLE for now, but its no use whatsoever because you can only run a couple of lines at a time. I'm also using Komodo Ed...Learn More
  8. How can I get Emacs' key bindings in Python's IDLE?

    I use Emacs primarily for coding Python but sometimes I use IDLE. Is there a way to change the key bindings easily in IDLE to match Emacs?...Learn More
  9. How do I enforce a package-level build order in eclipse

    Explanation: Say package A is always built first and then package B. I need to configure my eclipse workspace such that it mimics the build environment and shows compilation errors when sources in package A ref...Learn More
  10. In Delphi IDE, how to quickly determine the location of an open non-project-related file?

    This is probably a question that has an easy/simple/obvious answer, but I've found myself asking it many, many times, and never able to answer it: When I Ctrl-click a class name, Delphi loads up the unit that ...Learn More
  11. Changing CURRENT save/default directory in Delphi 2007 without using Save-As

    I have a project group that contains a project I'm working on as well as some related component and packages. I prefer to keep the database links active during design-time. I know how to write the code which ...Learn More
  12. Debugging multi-threaded Python with Wing IDE

    I'm debugging a multi-threaded Python program with Wing IDE. When I press the pause button, it pauses only one thread. I've tried it ten times and it always pauses the same thread, in my case called "ThreadTim...Learn More