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  1. Collaborating and Creating: Beauty Influencers’ Impact on Brands

    For more information about Julius or our blog, please contact Russell Wilde Jr. Digital influencers of all categories are on the rise. One genre, however, has dominated the space: beauty. Beauty influencers co...Learn More
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  2. Growing Brands with Influencers

    A question I’ve been asked quite a few times in the recent past is “Is there any value for Brands to go in for Influencer marketing and if yes, can it be measured?” The short answer is Yes and Yes. Having work...Learn More
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  3. On a personal note, by Alessia Moccia — Influencer Marketing Course

    Dear Friend, I am so glad to welcome you to my Influencer Marketing Courses. I’m thrilled that you’re interested in hearing more from me and can’t wait to start sharing with you here. After all, what is life wi...Learn More
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