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  1. Is Palindrome? using invariant programming

    The following code doesn't work. def isPal(s): def checkPal(s, acc): if len(s) <= 1: return acc else: return checkPal(s[1:-1] (acc and (s[0] == s[-1]))) ...Learn More
  2. PyContract PostCondition Involving non-input-parameter Variable

    Hopefully, this will be my last question in the series (my project is almost over, unless the requirements change). I'm working on writing some constraints for a class method using PyContract (not PyContracts)....Learn More
  3. Why does this invariant become false?

    In reading accelerated c++ I was confused by the explanation given for why the invariant becomes false (see code below): The invariant is defined by the author (in this case) as: The invariant for our while...Learn More