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  1. Awareness of My Higher Self

    Awareness of My Higher Self “Awareness is the key to living well; Loving all you see sustains it” Shirley Willett, 1985 Ron Ranere’s Liquid Light, from Shirley Willett’s collection A Higher Self has come and...Learn More
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  2. Field not hiding from tree view using Fields_view_get

    I have written a code to update my treeview according to input. it is basically working using context. My fields_view_get method is like this: def fields_view_get(self,cr,uid,view_id=None,view_type='form',conte...Learn More
  3. Invisible

    No matter where I sit, Or where I stand, Whether I stay or go. No matter what I do, Or what I don’t do, I’m not sure I’m here. Nothing reassures me I am. All that is me goes unseen. Invisible in plain s...Learn More
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