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  1. After importing the jacoco session into eclipse it shows zero coverage

    I was following the following steps to measure the code coverage using jacoco: I have instrumented my application wars files on the fly using jacoco agent. Started the tomcat server. Run some test cases. Stop...Learn More
  2. Sonar maven jacoco code coverage for Multimodule project

    I have a multimodule project with a parent pom.xml and two modules in it. Project.jar and Project.war. All the test cases are under Project.jar. When I run mvn sonar.sonar goal on the Parent pom, jacoco.exec is...Learn More
  3. JaCoCo Selenium test code coverage and import to Sonar using Ant

    I am running Sonar task through Ant, triggered by Jenkins in RHEL environment. I am successfully using Cobertura for Junit code coverage and Surefire for reporting. Sonar imports the Surefire reports fine. Ho...Learn More
  4. Using Jacoco4sbt with Play 2.2.x with alternate conf file

    I'm trying to get Jacoco4sbt running with Play Framework 2.2.1. I can get the tests to run with Jacoco, but they fail because they don't run with my alternate config. i.e.: val main = play.Project(appName, appV...Learn More